Discover the world of one of our partners: IDICO

In our journey to meet Purextract distributors around the world, we moored in Italy’s Port of Genova to introduce you to IDICO.

In our journey to meet Purextract distributors around the world, we moored in Italy’s Port of Genova to introduce you to IDICO ( ), our historical partner since the beginning of the adventure in the 60s. It is the first and only agency dedicated exclusively to selling DRT resins for the chewing gum industry, and natural extracts from the Purextract range for the nutraceuticals market. We met with Paolo Passano, our Purextract agent. Outside of work, Paolo is a passionate singer and composer. Since joining the Plant Odyssey a few years ago, he has gladly lent his voice to our active substances. Let him transport you to the heart of this country, which was the birthplace of the Renaissance and Western civilisation.

Like our distributor Levita in Benelux (lien vers l’article « Découvrez l’univers de l’un de nos partenaires : Levita »), it is above all “the ethics, quality of natural extracts and respectful resource management that we appreciate about Purextract”. These are aspects which greatly facilitate the work of our Italian explorer in a market where quality and transparency are not always apparent. “Working with active substances such as those from the Purextract range in the nutraceuticals market is like driving a Ferrari on a Formula One circuit!” says Paolo himself.

Unlike other sectors, the Italian nutraceuticals market is not experiencing a crisis. For several years, Italy has held onto its top spot as the country which consumes the most food supplements, ahead of Germany, France and the United Kingdom. The Italians are in 4th place for average spending per inhabitant per year at €33, behind Belgium (€34), Norway (€57) and Finland (€63)1. Carried by a high demand for natural products, the market went from 2 billion euros in 2012 to 2.2 billion in 2014, representing a 10% increase in two years1,2. Moreover, plant-based products now account for two-thirds of sales1. These numbers show a high potential for Purextract.

From the great lakes of Lombardy over to Sicily, Purextract “conveys a positive image of quality natural products to my clients”. Cosmythic® and Oligopin® in particular win over more of the Italian market each day. This market is becoming increasingly demanding, but Purextract has been anticipating these expectations for a long time. To conquer it, Paolo and his colleague Alessandro Dufour have formed a solid duo, loyal to the values of Purextract. “For scientific and technical assistance, we can count on the French team, which makes itself very accessible,” Paolo says. This regular support is essential to achieving success in marketing Purextract active substances beyond the French borders.

For more curious explorers, Paolo organises visits at the heart of production in Vieille-Saint-Girons, France. As to meeting the different teams, “these experiences put more of a human face on interactions than do exchanges by telephone or email”. Our Italian agent also cultivates this human contact with other Purextract agents at the various exhibitions and training seminars. These are valuable opportunities for discussing their respective markets and the latest trends!

Thanks to Paolo, the paths to the ‘dolce vita’ for Purextract are emerging little by little…