Discover the world of one of our purchasing managers

Dominique Mayaux is a true modern gold digger. He is responsible for purchasing our raw materials, and quality is his mantra.

A chemical engineer by training, Dominique Mayaux joined the amazing Purextract adventure 30 years ago. This true modern gold digger is responsible for purchasing our raw materials, and quality is his mantra. However, striking gold is easier said than done! Let’s join him in his quest for pine bark.

Bark comes straight from the sawmills in the region, which set their choice pieces aside for us! All our suppliers are located within 50 km from our production site in Vieille Saint-Girons. This means tree bark gets here less than 24 hours after being stripped from the trunk. Such a speedy delivery leaves no time for fermentation due to heat and humidity. Fresh raw materials are the key factor for the quality of our extracts. Dominique has a close relationship with our partners to make sure the bark’s journey from the forest to the entrance of our production site is a safe and smooth one.

Our job is all about working with nature, so it is imperative for us to only work with the cream of the crop of suppliers.” This is why our partners share our values and meet extremely strict criteria which guarantee zero impurities (needles, pinecones, etc.) in bark. All of them have been awarded the PEFC (Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification), ensuring forest resources are exploited sustainably. As Dominique likes to say: “Cutting down trees is okay, but don’t forget to plant new ones!”.

As well as connecting suppliers and production, our raw material purchasing manager also takes great care of the precious sources of our extracts. Dominique tackles the exact same challenges with the exact same passion for grape seeds and olive tree leaves.