Discover the world of one of our R&D engineers

With a career spanning over 20 years, Purextract R&D manager Yannick Piriou is a great explorer of plant chemistry. He now gives us a tour of his lab.

Scientist in a laboratory of biologyAfter graduating from university and earning a degree in polymer chemistry, Yannick packed his rucksack full of 17 years of experience in extracting and purifying OPCs (“What are polyphenols ?). His undeniable expertise is shared with our clients and drives the Purextract adventures forward.

 “I’m mainly responsible for overseeing and improving the various steps of the extraction and purification processes.” Yannick also tackles a host of other challenges, ranging from customised extraction requests to joint projects with a network of university students (some of whom are busy researching OPC bioavailability), as well as overseeing efficacy tests. He spends the rest of his time scouring the literature for potential new active ingredients.

 Once raw materials are delivered to the production site, the molecules need to be characterised so extraction procedures can be defined and optimised. This task is carried out jointly with the production engineer. ” Discover the world of one of our production engineer“!