Discover the world of one of our partners: Levita

Let's get to know Paul and François-Xavier, who are responsible for marketing our plant extracts in the Benelux via the Levita agency.

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Our journey to the heart of Purextract is about to make a stopover in central Europe. Let’s get to know Paul and François-Xavier, who are responsible for marketing our plant extracts in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg via the Levita agency

We and Purextract are all part of the same family. We share common values.” This is how our partners describe their relationship with Purextract, which started 12 years ago. Paul and François-Xavier know our extracts like the backs of their hands and are great at carrying our philosophy forward. This, together with their understanding of the ins and outs of the Benelux market and their fluency in all the local languages, makes Levita the ideal partner for our development in the area! Thanks to their daily field work, we can keep our finger on the pulse of the market and stay close to our customers in the area.

These experts reveal some of the secrets of the market: “The three countries are similar in their health-consciousness and awareness of the importance of well-being. But each of them has special characteristics. For example, hypermarkets and supermarkets are the main distribution channel in the Netherlands, whereas in Belgium these products are often sold at the chemist’s.”

We strongly believe in the future of the market and the potential of Purextract products.” Why are they throwing their weight behind the development of our extracts? Two things in particular attracted Paul and François-Xavier: our efforts to make our extracts pristine and pure, and our mindful management of natural resources.

With their suitcases full of technical sheets, clinical trials, EFSA claims and more, Paul and François-Xavier sit down with their clients to find the best solution for each of them. Our French team provides them with constant support:  “Nathalie’s responsible for the market; Yannick’s always there to help us out with technical questions; and Fabienne does an outstanding administrative job. The three of them complement one another perfectly!