Dive into the heart of the forest !

Forest covers 30% of the world's land surface !

Primary, boreal, tropical, Mediterranean, … endemic, cultivated…
The list of those that are often emblematic of a region or territory is long. From the Amazonian emerald to the eternal marine on Vancouver Island, a forest is much more than just a collection of tree-covered lands or the subject of a geography book.
Even if our time is spent worshipping mega-cities, and half of the world’s population is urban, we all have a memory of a walk in the forest. A moment spent away from the noise, alone or with family, in the shade of protective treetops or in the subdued light of the undergrowth.
It’s this experience that we invite you to (re)live by browsing the pages (and pathways!) of our new site dedicated to the Landes forest.
It is one unique pine species that is specific to this forest that we invite you to discover through the Purextract® range of natural extracts.
Oligopin® and Cosmythic® are pine bark extracts from the Landes, with clinically proven benefits for beauty and health.

Dive into the heart of the forest!

Nathalie Luzecki-Michaud


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