Dive into the market of functional drinks

Today, our thirst for adventure takes us to the world of functional drinks. Dive in with us to discover this market and its trends

From above the tips of the Landes pine trees, let’s take a moment to admire the view on the global market. Note that functional drinks include several types of drink: energy drinks (59% of global sales in 2012), nutraceutical or health drinks (21%) and sports drinks (20%)1. In 2013, the market was estimated at 50 billion euros, with growth of about 5% compared to 20121. Unbeatable for the past few years, the United States is the biggest market with 20.7 billion euros. Asia-Pacific and Europe come in second and third place, respectively. As for the French market, it represents nearly 481 million euros2. To note in your logbook: functional drinks are the category with the most growth within the functional foods sector. Today in the United States, this market represents about 59% of sales of functional foods3. Zooming in a bit more on this market, we see that natural functional drinks perform the best in this market. At this time when ‘natural’ goes hand in hand with health, ingredients which seem too chemical or harmful to health are barred from formulations. Functional drinks do not escape this trend of ‘less is more’ – they, too, are turning towards the natural. Natural functional drinks perform the best in this market.

To understand this increasing interest, let’s go meet some consumers of functional drinks. Currently, they are few yet very faithful. Health drinks are particularly popular due to several trends, including:

  • A desire to live longer, certainly, especially in good health
  • Greater purchasing power than the previous generations
  • Better understanding of the potential health benefits of foods and drinks
  • Current mistrust of sugary drinks, like non-diet soda, which have a negative image in terms of nutrition

Functional drinks are thus named since, in addition to providing hydration, they are full of invaluable active substances that can improve consumers’ health and well-being, or even reduce the risk of disease. This market holds numerous health promises including cardiovascular health (an estimated 1,100 million euros in 20154) and anti-ageing.

Attentive to the market and using their unique know-how, our Purextract explorers obtained natural, purified and highly water-soluble extracts from Landes pine trees. Oligopin® HWS (Highly Water-Soluble) and Cosmythic® HWS are extracts which are both original and natural, intended to be mixed into popular consumer health drinks. Oligopin® HWS is particularly known for its beneficial effect on cardiovascular health and male comfort, as well as for its antioxidant and phlebotonic properties. Cosmythic® HWS is used in anti-ageing formulations to promote skin elasticity and help prevent blackheads. It is a response to consumers’ incessant quest for youth.

These new formats for our active substances have already been met with success on the market, as has Oligopin® HWS, which is used in the production of a new fabric mask which was recently launched on the Asian market. Thanks to these new highly soluble extracts, Purextract accompanies you today in your wild odysseys in the booming market of functional drinks.

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