Live from Vitafoods 2015!

Vitafoods Europe, a not-to-be-missed event for nutraceuticals explorers, opened its doors for the 18th time at Geneva's Palexpo from 5 to 7 May 2015. Each year, this veritable 'forum' for modern times hosts more and more exhibitors (now 750 compared to 600 in 2012) and over 14,000 visitors, eager to discover the latest innovations and market trends.

The exhibition’s increasing profile is a testament to the growth of the sector’s European market even in spite of the crisis. According to Euromonitor International, the European market for nutritional supplements is expected to grow from 7 billion to 9 billion euros by 2018. In 2013, Italy once again topped the podium with its 1.21 billion euros, followed by Germany with 935 million. However, out in the distance we see that Poland is beginning to be noticed on the market and at the exhibition… We’ll keep an eye open!

For our Plant Odyssey, a Purextract adventurer is spending these 3 days slipping among the visitors and exhibitors to share with you the latest trends. Among Palexpo’s aisles, we have already very clearly identified 3 commandments for getting ahead at Vitafoods…

1st commandment: Thou shalt prove the efficacy of thy ingredients

While previously neglected, or at least less emphasised, evidence from in vitro, in vivo and clinical studies is now absolutely necessary and is held at the same level of importance as safety and toxicity studies. Let’s not forget that this is also a mark of confidence, which is something that we at Purextract foster. Evidence is presented in accordance with protocols based on those used for pharmaceuticals: randomised, double-blind and placebo-controlled.

2nd commandment: Thou shalt propose concepts for finished products

More than just the simple active ingredient, ideas for finished products make it possible for formulators both to better focus on concrete applications and to save valuable development time. Vitafoods is thus the perfect opportunity to take advantage of the expertise and advice that are available directly at the stands. Make the most of this occasion to discover our ideas with Cosmythic®, Oligopin®, and Vitaflavan®  at stand N98

3rd commandment: Thou shalt stand out with thy galenical

Innovative galenicals for finished products are very much in demand, whether it be to stand out among the competition or to preserve the efficacy of active ingredients. For example, hard capsules that contain other hard capsules, like Capsugel’s DUOCAPTM, make it possible to combine water-soluble and fat-soluble ingredients. Gummies are also booming, to the delight of child and adult palates alike. Colombian manufacturer Softigel has apparently seen its sales increase fourfold in 2 years! And lastly, more and more manufacturers are taking an interest in liquid formulations such as sticks, in a powder to be diluted or just to drink, and shots.

Take these 3 commandments into consideration for success beyond national and continental borders! Discover more trends from Vitafoods 2015 in the next article, which will appear tomorrow!