Natural Products: all roads lead to Anaheim….

Meeting ingredients suppliers in the morning, having a brunch with tollers, going for a coffee with a retail actor, discovering the last communication trends : like each Spring since 1981, the whole North American branch for natural products has been present under the Californian starry sky in Anaheim.

The Natural product Expo West offers a global overview of the market, hence its singularity and interest. Both in a relaxed and working atmosphere, Anaheim is « The place to be » to understand all that can be eaten and drunk in the USA, under the claim “natural”.

But above all for business!

This year, about 71 000 visitors visited the convention center.

The focus this year was given, among others to Organic, Non-GMO, Natural in the media and transparency & “Clean Label”

Finally, the question was asked about the transparency of the labelling and the information given to consumers. It is true that the North American food ingredient world was hit by an upheaval at the beginning of this year.

Several principles emerged, which have to be reminded:

  • The trust users place nowadays in food supplement and functional food brands are directly linked to the ingredients.

The differentiation is done on the quality of the ingredient, which must be clearly identifiable and identified (it is under the suppliers responsibility to produce reliable means of identification).

  • The Brand’s reputation is also built on the ingredient traceability.

The food supplement and functional food consumer defines the ingredient quality through its purity (its active molecules content), its non- adulteration and by the formulation of the right dosage.

It is now obvious that today, 90% of the ingredient suppliers are only traders and not plant extractors. They have a limited knowledge of the products they sell.

In this context, the patterns of vertically integrated companies (from raw material sourcing to

backed by science ingredient, and through a unique know-how in plant extraction) offer the retailer a simple and efficient way of reassuring the consumer.


Nathalie Luzecki-Michaud, Purextract