Plant food supplements are seducing consumers

It is with a great pleasure that we welcome on board Philippe Millet from the Actifs Magazine. Let’s discover a market insight on natural food supplements.

Almost two in three food supplements sold worldwide are formulated with plants. This market would thus represent between 23 and 40 billions € – food supplements world market assessments are oscillating, depending on the sources, between 40 and 60 billions €.

Beyond these figures, it is relevant – and logical – to underline the perfect « geographic » match (we are here dealing with countries) between plant supplements consumption and the traditional use of plants in a just as important form of medicine. In other words, where plant traditional medicines (ayurvedic medicine in India, for instance) have developed much, plant food supplements sales are the highest.

Any example? Nearly 8 in 10 supplements consumed in Australia and Oceania are made of plants. In Western Europe, the “percentage” is lower: less than 4 supplements in 10… A heterogeneous Europe: if Northern countries are used to consuming vitamins and minerals, Southern countries are more likely to integrate plant supplements in their way of life – thus, in France, vitamin formulas only represent the third of chemistries food supplements sales. Italy is experiencing the same situation. So, do not be astonished if the « axe Belfrit » – belonging to the positive list of the plants allowed in food supplements, already official in Italy – also seduces Belgium and France (


Philippe Millet

Editorial manager