Sourcing: the importance of being local

Reducing our ecological footprint, developing the potential of local people and preserving the quality of our extracts: these are the secrets of our local sourcing.

Sourcing is the first step of the Purextract adventure, and a passion for people lies at the heart of its success. Most of our workforce comes from the Landes region and knows the secrets of the forest, from its highest branches to its deepest roots. This heritage, passed down through generations, has been tapped by Purextract ever since it began its adventure in 1932! At a time when business after business is relocating its production sites, we remain firmly rooted and have continued to boost local jobs and the local economy for years.

The incredible adventure of our extracts starts in the Landes forests, the vineyards around Bordeaux or olive groves in Spain. Raw materials are then taken to our site in Vieille-Saint-Girons, at the crossroads of these three regions. Caring for the environment is a cornerstone of our philosophy, and local sourcing helps us reduce our ecological footprint.

Local sourcing also preserves the quality of our extracts by limiting raw material transportation to the bare minimum. Ideal conditions provide for ideal extracts. Case in point: Landes pine bark, which is harvested a mere 50 km from our site and delivered to us less than 24 h later, ensuring our pine bark extracts have the highest PCO content on the market.

Reducing our ecological footprint, tapping the know-how of local people, preserving the top-notch quality of our extracts… These are the keys to our success in sourcing.