EFFICIENT CONSUMER RESPONSE and dietary supplements market: Innovative solution with Purextract®

Purextract® Teamwork does really more than working together. It brings out the best of everyone’s strenghts.

With Purextract® you can expect more than just a product ! We offer efficient service delivery designed for Today’s highly competitive market of dietary supplements.

Our model of vertical integration enables us to control and optimise the different steps of production:

  A dedicated Purchase Department for the search of best natural raw materials.

–  A team of operators and production engineers making the plant extraction a highly specialized and unique process.

–  The R&D laboratory whose first researches on plants started in the 50’s with the pine sterols extraction

– An on-site analytical control and measurement laboratory which ensures the compliance with the highest standards of hygiene and technical specifications.

Tell us your requirements, state your main objectives and we will be able to provide a tailor-made solution.

Bringing a solution: this is now what Purextract® offers.

Our commitment relies on:

Supplying highly purified and objectified active ingredients – known as an identifiable brand – made in Vieille Saint Girons site.

– Our technicians’ support for the most efficient active ingredients formulation and association, stability studies, the control of active molecules content on your finished product.

Our regulatory team’ support.

Also, web supply an added-value to your marketing and scientific speech, in a nutrition market being today more and more complex, over-regulated and saturated with non-targeted products.

Example of briefing :

Area : Europe

Positionning :

  • Cardiovascular prevention market
  • Alternatives to statins
  • Without side-effect

Galenic form : Differentiating

Purextract®’s offer :

briefAssociation of two natural active ingredients, one of them being supported by an EFSA allegation and the other one by a clinical study, in the  “protocole pharma*”,  published in the medical journal  PhytoMedicine.

Phytopin® and Oligopin® Highly Water Soluble, associated with an original flavor (https://foodarom.com/fr/**) can be formulated to rehydrate stick in a glass of water .***


Tell us your requirements, (info@purextract.fr) or come and visit us on booth GG125 in Supply Side West Exhibition – 6 & 7 October 2016

Nathalie Luzecki-Michaud

*protocole pharma : randomised, double-blind vs placebo study

** Foodarom : discover our article : (https://blog.purextract.fr/en/we-are-really-excited-to-find-out-what-2016-will-taste-like/  contact pmiclette@foodarom.com

***Briefing : Dosage detail and capusle cost on request to info@purextract.fr