Thailand wants to become the kitchen of the world….

...or at least that of southeast Asia.

It was in these terms that the Minister of the Thai industry, Dr. Atchaka Sibunruang, spoke this morning, at the opening of the food and functional ingredients exhibition, in Bangkok. It’s a legitimate ambition; Thailand radiates as a leader in nutritional supplements and technological additives on the southeast Asian market.

While the domestic economy declined slightly over two years and struggled to find growth, local operators were eyeing up their Malaysian and Indonesian neighbours. (280 million people). These two countries have seen the emergence of a middle class, which now has sufficient income to consume dietary supplements.

purextract team fie 2015Purextract team at FIE, Bangkok

The professor, Dr. Pavinee Chinachoti, President of the Food Science and Technology Association, highlighted the Thai production capacity. “Halal certification is a prerequisite to attract the attention of these markets”, he said, “as is the need to distance oneself from basic, cheap products, which unfortunately, are not very effective.”

If price is to remain an important component in purchasing decisions, it is vital that:

  • the consumer is assured of the product’s efficacy at the time of purchase
  • one can see the reported effects, after treatment

Purextract® offers natural extracts, results of which were measured in clinical studies.*

Purextract has worked in Thailand for more than 20 years, where Oligopin ® and Cosmythic ® (highly purified pine bark extract) are formulated for their skin-lightening virtues.


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Nathalie Luzecki-Michaud, Purextract