The French Paradox and the American one. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

But it is really betraying a secret to talk about the storm the food supplements industry is going through, following the accusations for ingredients and labels adulteration, launched by New York General Attorney, Eric Schneidermann against some actors of this sector?

Last Thursday, in a debate organized by the magazine Natural Products Insider the sector associations’ spokesmen as well as the visitors could have a talk about the future of the industry they work for, during the Supply Side 2015 opening.

Fairly strongly, they all dared decrying the lack of transparency from some manufacturers of finished products. Opacity about the ingredients’ origin, unclear specification sheets, disputable analysis certificates, active agents content mentioned on the label and not respected, refusal to share the name of the ingredients ‘suppliers : all those elements are responsible for the disgrace of the profession.

Are they failures in the quality process and the suppliers’ follow-up, or maybe a risky sourcing or a deliberate deceit? Unquestionably, here are many questions that compromise the trust of the consumers for the world first food supplements industry (37 Billions $ in 2014).

Far be it from me to make a judgment from Europe about events taking place in the US market. Here too, many scandals have occurred. Yet, while I am walking through the Supply Side alleys, I can’t help having an unbelieving look at the ads of many exhibitors.

  • Polyphenols content 70 %
  • Pro Anthocyanidins content 95%

How can a molecular subtype (pro anthocyanidins) be higher than a molecule family (polyphenols)?

A little further, a 4x3m ad states that pine bark extract manufacturing goes through 100 000 control steps. ( !)

Last, an exotic supplier offers a grape seed extract guaranteeing a rate of OPCs higher than 60% whereas it may probably be procyanidins with a high molar mass.

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Purextract® manufactures highly purified plants extracts in its Landes unit:

  • Oligopin®, pine bark extract containing 67% of OPCs
  • Cosmythic®, pine bark extract containing 67% of OPCs
  • Vitaflavan®, grape seed extract containing 75% of OPCs

Purextract® guarantees the purity and titration of its active agents and is in accordance with the Arrêté Plantes (decree on plants) and the US pharmacopoeia.

For any question and request about the dosages of the active agents formulated in the finished products, feel free to contact us:


Nathalie Luzecki- Michaud, Purextract®