Focus on consumers

It is another intense day at Vitafoods! We're continuing exploration for our Plant Odyssey. Looking at market expectations, it clearly seems that consumers are more curious about the products that they buy, and therefore more mindful of their intrinsic qualities (origin, ingredients, natural flavour, etc.).

While they were previously passive, consumers today are becoming veritable active players. Therefore, to become an expert in nutraceuticals, it is first and foremost necessary to have precious raw materials that meet 3 key criteria:

A clearly identified natural and geographic origin

Around the world, and particularly in western societies, the current trend is a search for the ‘natural’ — a concept that, in the imagination of consumers, goes hand in hand with safety and trust. The various food crises and scandals undoubtedly contribute to this trend. Moreover, ingredient origin is increasingly important in the eyes of consumers, and the ‘French touch’ is thriving!

Greater transparency in product safety

Increasing consumer expectations are matched by strengthened regulations on consumer information and safety evidence. The reassurance efforts that must be made by ingredient suppliers, especially upstream of the formulation of the finished product, are thus essential: it makes it possible to establish a relationship of lasting trust. For a long time, Purextract has anticipated this expectation by proposing ingredients which, like Hercules or Ulysses, have successfully passed several tests to now ensure the satisfaction of manufacturers — and therefore the final consumers.

Let’s not forget taste!

Many suppliers propose active ingredients, but don’t think to propose solution to hide a strong or astringent taste. They risk losing the final consumer due to a disappointing sensory experience.

We asked an expert about this: Pierre Miclette, President of Foodarom, Inc., our Canadian flavour designer. His challenge: to work with flavour profiles based on the nature of the ingredient, the final matrix and the target consumers. “We travel more and more, we experiment with new flavours… And this ultimately makes our taste expectations change,” he says. Original flavours thus become vectors for differentiating products, but the market also shows that there is a return to sweet flavours for guilt-free delight. This year, it seems that notes of chocolate have a prominent place at the exhibition. According to our specialist, this is explained by “a recent enthusiasm for the health benefits of chocolate, which is both a snack and a healthy product”.

As you can imagine, sourcing cheap ingredients has lost its interest in the eyes of the final consumer. The consumer wants to be reassured about the quality and safety of edible ingredients.

These two crucial points are ones that are mastered by the Purextract adventurers!