Vitafoods 2015: health promises with wind in their sails

It's the third and last day of Vitafoods. At the centre of this international crossroads, it is obvious that everything has been done to further promote exchanges: "the stands are more open on the aisles" and "there is more meeting space" are among the reports from some exhibitors.

After 2 days of exploration, we have already noted in our logbook the 3 commandments for quality ingredients (Live from Vitafoods 2015) as well as the main criteria for success with the final consumer (Vitafoods 2015: focus on consumers). At the end of our trip, our reporter has also picked out 2 health promises that are proving to be strong winds on the nutraceuticals market.

Seniors: the golden age for future launches

According to the WHO, the global proportion of people aged over 60 is expected to increase from 11% to 22% between 2000 and 2050, representing a growth from 65 million to 2 billion. This increase goes hand in hand with the numbers for age-related diseases, such as cardiovascular diseases – the leading cause of death worldwide. But this population wants to stay young and healthy for as long as possible. It better understands the stakes of prevention, and limits or avoids the use of medicines in favour of more natural solutions. The controversies surrounding side effects of anti-inflammatory and cholesterol-lowering drugs push people towards solutions that are more “green”, such as phytosterols.

Our Purextract active ingredients meet the expectations of future and young seniors, while not forgetting our elders with sarcopenia. It has been shown that treatment based on the antioxidant abilities of Oligopin® was able to prevent apoptosis and the activation of calpains, which are responsible for altering processes which are essential to muscle function.

Enduring beauty

Ageing brings with it a collection of visible signs, such as the appearance of grey hairs, hair loss, or brown age spots on the skin. To limit the effects of time, consumers are taking better care of their skin and hair from an increasingly early age. Nutricosmetics are thus booming, as is illustrated by the numerous dietary supplements exhibited in the Vitafoods displays. Antioxidants, with their good reputation, are particularly popular. And let’s remember that beauty claims citing a change in physical appearance open avenues for exploration in communication that are different from those for health claims citing changes in physiological functions. Not subject to Regulation (EC) no. 1924/2006, they are entirely adapted to easily navigate the nutricosmetics market (alongside the evidence of their effectiveness, of course!).

Lastly, thinness, which is unavoidable in the aisles of Palexpo, remains a sizeable promise in the nutraceuticals market. Our active ingredients, like Cosmythic®, Phytopin®, VitaS® and Oligopin®, will go wonderfully alongside the formulations that are already positioned on this promise. It is enough to stir the jealousy of Venus, the mythological Roman goddess of beauty!

So with many opportunities ahead, Vitafoods Europe closes its doors on this 18th exhibition, where many adventures have already begun…