We are really excited to find out what 2016 will taste like!

Last september, we gave you an optimistic picture of the functional drinks market.

univers-purextractLiquid forms of dietary supplements now offer an alternative to traditional dry forms. Oligopin® and Cosmythic® Highly Water Soluble are natural extracts. Their efficiency has been proven on heart health and skin beauty. When formulated in functional beverages, they combine a beauty or health benefit to a moment of pleasure : color, flavor, taste, texture are consumer’s key criteria when bying a finished product.

At this beginning of the year, we asked an expert, and our Canadian favorite flavor designer, Pierre Miclette, President of Foodarom for his perspective on the trends. He, without any doubt, will provide valuable advice to all these who have planned a NPD or a product launch in 2016.


Nathalie Luzecki-Michaud