We were few, but with the swift support of our readers, we grew to almost a thousand as we reached, December 2016!

Thanks to all who have accompanied us in this long walk to the heart of the Purextract® universe, from all four corners of the world.

Since 2014, our ports of call have ranged from the Landes forest, to the Bordeaux vineyards, and on to the Catalan plains, planted with centuries-old olive trees.

We hope that our highly-purified extracts have inspired you and that they have satisfied your demand for new products, food supplements and functional foods, to a demonstrated effectiveness!

You have expressed your thoughts, your questions and your comments. Today – since the period lends itself – it is our turn to give something in return: a moment of calm and serenity in the heart of a region, held so dear to the Purextract® team

The Plant Odyssey is making a stopover for a few months and will remain in dock until April 2017.

Until then, and after wishing you a very happy holiday season,

We’ll leave you to make your orders!

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Have a good flight!

Don’t hesitate to contact us : nathalie.michaudluzecki@drt.fr

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